Our work flow management really makes your photo studio efficient!

A studio without work flow management is less efficient than taking photographs in the traditional way.

Our photo software makes it possible to create consistent photos in a quick and adequate way. 

Optimaliseer uw bedrijfsproces met Vivition fotosoftware.


Control of a complete studio

Our intelligent software controls the entire studio.

The swivel plate is controlled and actively monitored, with the tripod with as many as 10 exterior camera being operated automatically. These photos are meticulously synchronized with the position of the swivel plate.

Camera's worden aan het einde van een workflow automatisch uitgeschakeld. Dit bespaart niet alleen energie, maar verlengt ook de levensduur van de camera's die in een studio intensief worden belast.

Indien gewenst wordt ook de belichting automatisch in- of uitgeschakeld.

Taking photos with one click of the button

You drive your car onto the swivel plate and our software does the rest.

Thanks to license plate recognition or VIN number the car is recognised instantly. All popular brands and models of cars including their dimensions are in our database.

When you use a 360° interior camera and a spate camera for individual photos, our work flow management will automatically read these out.


Self-learning photo processing

Your employee does not have to edit the photos separately or cut them to size.

Thanks to the extreme high quality, the smallest details can be cut out automatically. By using artificial intelligence the system will learn your preferences quickly and can cut out detail photos automatically after a learning period, without the intervention of an employee.

Advertise automatically on 200+ portals

The integrated occasion management software makes it possible to advertise your cars directly on over 200 advertising portals.

When you use an external occasion management package, VIVITION will put the cut-out photos in the right order automatically. If your package supports it, these photos can be taken directly in the package, or, thanks to order numbering, loaded into your occasion management software with one click.


3D model on your own website

A final time saving of our work flow management is the method of publishing on your own website. This is done fully automated thanks to VIVITION's own-website plugin and API.


Add flexibility to your organisation; automate the work process.

Our self-managing work flow management guides your employee through the process. Thanks to the simple interface it is very user-friendly. As a result, several people can be employed flexibly to operate the studio. This gives continuity and economic benefits. Labour costs are reduced.


Saving labour costs and flexible employment

Thanks to VIVITION photo software's far-reaching automation you no longer need expensive specialised staff for the operation of your studio. As the work method is very user-friendly, no prior knowledge is required to operate the studio.

The software takes the operator through the process step by step. The work flow steps can be individually set for each studio. The VIVITION software can save a lot of money in the first year already.


Superior photo quality with budget-friendly cameras

Metallic lacquer and the often complex colours make it difficult to photograph the cars colourfast. Only with more expensive professional cameras (e.g. Canon EOS 6D) can we produce photos of reasonable quality with colours approaching the real lacquer colours. After construction of the studio is completed, VIVITION measures both studio lighting and colour deviation of the cameras. Based on these measuring results VIVITION creates a profile for the colour and lighting correction and applies this directly to the raw data of the camera sensor. As a result, VIVITION photos, made with a budget-friendly photo camera, are superior in quality compared to photos made with an expensive professional camera. In addition to the aforementioned cost savings, you thus save approx. € 1000 per camera.



Your company's continuity is essential. Cloud storage and hosting are organised GEO redundantly and you have local access to the original photos. You can continue your work without interruption even in case of an internet malfunction. VIVITION guarantees your continuing work process.

Host your photos on our petabyte cloud network

1 PetaByte

GEO-redundant storage and hosting

VIVITION realizes like no other how important continuity is for your organisation. The data centre hosting of both the VIVTION cloud storage and VIVITION applications is carried out fully redundantly. VIVITION takes the concept of continuity for the automative industry to an entirely new level, though. At the moment the VIVITION network (with a seamless transition for existing clients) is made fully GEO-redundant. Even when a data centre fails, another data centre will take over automatically and seamlessly.


Local access to original photos

The photos are saved on the local VIVITION PC for as long as disk space allows it. As a result, you have local access to the original photos at all times. To Prevent capacity problems, the oldest car is automatically removed every time the maximum local storage capacity is almost reached. Depending on the number of photo cameras and photo series, storage capacity of the VIVTION PC can be extended to store over a year of photos.

Offline VIVITION studio management

The VIVITION operation software is designed in such a way that if an unexpected internet malfunction occurs within your company, your production does not come to a halt. When the internet connection is restored, the cars photographed during the malfunction are processed retroactively.


Razor-sharp photos

Our total concept makes stunningly detailed and sharp photos.

Up to 34,560 Megapixels are photographed and stored per car. This takes car photography to an entirely new level. This has not been seen before.


Thanks to the unique autofocus technique the car is pictured razor-sharp from all angles.


Razor-sharp photos

Until now, it was not possible to vary the focal point of the cameras, as a result of which not all photos were equally sharp. After all, when the car is turned toward the camera with the side doors, the focal point is further off than when to car is directed frontally to the camera. Ideally, this problem is solved by setting the focus for each photo. However, due to reflection of the lacquer, the camera frequently fails to determining the right focal point. Thanks to its state-of--the-art camera control, VIVITION is able to bypass this problem. As a result, your car is pictured razor-sharp from all angles.

Lens correction

As photos are taken from a short distance in the photo studio, a relatively low focal distance is often chosen. This creates light curves in photos. Our automatic lens correction removes this curves and corrects various lens deviations.


Light and colour correction

Do not disregard colour. A car's colour is an important aspect in online presentation, but a car's colour is rarely shown in its actual colour on screen.

Thanks to its software light and colour correction, VIVITION photo software ensures a stunningly realistic colour reproduction.

Light calibration studio & cameras

Each studio has its own unique lighting. For a correct reproduction of colours and brightness, it is necessary to measure what colour temperature and intensity the studio lighting has and also how this light is registered by the camera sensor. On the basis of these measurements a correction profile is created that is automatically applied to the raw sensor data of each photo. This step ensures that brightness is reproduced correctly in the photo. Besides, this correction ensures that the general light reproduction of the photo matches reality more closely. After applying this correction, the photos of the budget cameras corrected by VIVITION will already come close to the quality of a professional camera. even before colour correction has been carried out.


Colour calibration studio & cameras

As some colours are displayed differently even after light calibration, VIVITION goes a step further. Colours such as beige or orange, but also the reflecting parts of metallic lacquer or a chrome emblem are difficult to photograph colourfast, even for professional cameras. An additional complexity is that the colour perception of our brain is different when seeing a real car from seeing it on screen, even when the colours are exactly the same. To correct these deviations as well, VIVITION measures how these are registered, based on a broad range of reflecting colours. On the basis of these readings a colour correction profile is created to present even colours that are difficult to photograph as colourfast as possible. When maximum colour fastness is achieved this way, a correction is added to this profile that takes the colour perception created by our brains when a car is displayed on a screen into account. After applying these corrections, the VIVITION photos have a better quality than the photos of a professional camera. This colour calibration is only offered when purchasing a VIVITION plus package.


Website integration

A completely new form of online presentation. Transparent and innovative. A 3D model with hotspots and a product tour, the content of which you determine yourself. The presentation is completely integrated into your website and works on any device.


A completely new form of online presentation. Transparent and innovative. A 3D model with hotspots and a product tour, the content of which you determine yourself. The presentation is completely integrated into your website and works on any device.